5 stimulating Arabic books from Egyptian authors

5 stimulating Arabic books from Egyptian authors

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Young Egyptians continue to inspire and impress with their creativity, and the publishing industry is no exception. More and more Egyptian authors are emerging to tell their stories and make their voices heard.

The books on this list offer a small sample of what Egyptian authors have to offer, so be sure to drop by your favorite bookstore to stay up to date on the latest versions!

Bartaman Nutella (Nutella Jar) by Mahmoud Zaki

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Genre: Self-help

Inspired by the author’s experience with weight loss, this book explains how obesity and weight gain can be psychological in nature and require more than just dietary changes. Bartaman Nutella is a first-hand account of the emotional pain and turmoil felt along the weight loss journey, as well as the feelings of triumph that arise after reaching the goal.

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Corrector of Nermeen Nahmadallah

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Genre: Drama

Inspired by real events, Concealer follows the story of Fatma, a young woman who decides to take revenge on all those who have wronged her. Despite being beaten by life time and time again, she tries harder to fulfill her dreams, but is forced to start over due to a dramatic turn of events. The inspiring story follows his attempts to keep moving forward despite the circumstances.

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Taht Saqf Wahed (Under one roof) by Dina Emad

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Genre: Romance

In this story “against all odds”, two individuals from different social classes end up having to live under the same roof. Even if they end up falling in love, life gets in the way and they are forced to separate for many years. They eventually reunite, but the reunion is not as planned.

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3elaqat Khatera (Dangerous Relations) by Mohamed Taha

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Genre: Psychology

This book deals with the importance of relationships in an individual’s life, starting with their relationship with themselves. The book discusses issues commonly encountered in relationships, such as how an individual’s perception of another individual may differ from reality. As the title suggests, it also discusses the characteristics of the types of dangerous relationships that should be avoided.

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Al Haraka Al Tollabeya fil Gam’a Al Amrekeyya (The student movement at AUC) by Taher El Moataz

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Genre: Non-fiction

In this non-fiction title, the author strives to debunk stereotypes about American University in Cairo (AUC) students, who are often seen as spoiled and out of touch with the community. He does this by highlighting his experience as an AUC student during the student movements that took place at the university between 2010 and 2015.

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