Al Jazeera-NYT join forces for new Arabic language business platform – Doha News

Al Jazeera is expanding its business coverage with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Al Jazeera Digital announced Thursday the launch of Reyada, its Arabic-language business news beat on Al Jazeera Net, to expand its commercial coverage.

“The new offering will be a significant expansion of Al Jazeera’s commercial coverage and comes at a time when economies in the region are moving towards diversification. Reyada will be the destination for readers looking for solid journalism covering new economic changes ”, Al Jazeera Media Network said in a statement.

It is expected to combine Al Jazeera’s original coverage with a selection of independent reporting and in-depth news analysis from the “New York Times” under a licensing agreement with a US-based outlet. , adds the press release.

Licensed content – articles, videos and photographs – will focus primarily on economics, finance and entrepreneurship and will be displayed alongside Al Jazeera’s original commercial coverage on the Arabic language channels, Al Jazeera Net.

“With a market of nearly 440 million inhabitants, the Middle East is resolutely moving towards economic diversification. Reyada will be uniquely positioned to monitor, explain and report on this development, ”said Dr. Yaser Bishr, Executive Director (EVP) of Digital for Al Jazeera Media Network.

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He praised the collaboration with The New York Times, which he described as an “organization that possesses such journalistic integrity and a well-deserved legacy”.

“The ‘New York Times’ is an invaluable resource for the public looking to stay informed about the global business landscape,” said Michael Greenspon, global head of NYT licensing and printing innovation for “The New York Times” .

Greenspon is also committed to providing “in-depth and impactful ‘New York Times’ journalism to Al Jazeera’s business audiences around the world.”

Anas Fouda, director of Al Jazeera’s Arab website, said: “Reyada will frame the news coverage to benefit not only the Middle Eastern business community, but also the growing pool of emerging leaders and young people. ambitious who will be the main players in Friday’s economic diversification programs.

“Our initial focus will be on innovation, technology trends, startups and entrepreneurship,” added Anas Fouda, director of Al Jazeera’s Arab website.

The new beat Reyada will be conducted from Al Jazeera’s Washington, DC and Doha offices and will draw on Al Jazeera’s global information-gathering resources, the Qatar-based media network confirmed.

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