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A a woman said in a television interview that if the question of teaching came to her, she would completely stop teaching grammar and linguistics in schools because it is not necessary, what is needed is involve students in reading Arabic language, culture, knowledge and thought, not teaching them difficult subjects like grammar and linguistics as these will come as part of reading, and perhaps they will learn it by heart.

The woman says that no one but the Arabic language teachers or the clergy and a small group of others need in their professional field to know the conjugation and the declension because these are matters that have nothing to do with do with the course of daily life.

Writers of articles and reports, readers of newspapers and books, engineers, pilots, doctors and pharmacists can live their whole lives with the Arabic language, reading, communicating and writing, without the need to navigate in the grammar.

The woman added that teaching the Arabic language is an important requirement, but the path that all public and private schools have followed for many decades to teach has never been correct but rather a failure.

No one cares today how a word is pronounced, and no one in life will ask us how a sentence is constructed or the meaning of the name and subject.

In this context, a friend says he has believed for years that educational institutions should follow two different paths in teaching Arabic.

The former is simplified with clear rules and is accessible to the public, even non-Arabic speakers, and this, he says, includes perhaps 80-90% of students.

As for the second approach, complete in the Arabic language, and more complex than the first which includes everything that is small and large in the language, it is only for those who wish to specialize in its study, and perhaps to be scholars in and in the like, including Shariah students and language teachers.

I personally think I am a good example of what this woman means. I wrote an article daily, for almost three decades in addition to the research, literary texts and novels that I wrote as well as the writing and sending of thousands of letters to various governmental and private organizations for more than ten years. half a century, and I believe all of them were clear based on the comments and responses I received and they were very understandable to those who received them.

I don’t remember studying grammar at any grade level, and my ability to write, so to speak, stems from my intensive reading and not from my study of grammar and morphology, in which I I always got a zero, and my other skills were in dictation, reading and comprehension, the passages were causing high marks in Arabic language and passing language tests not grammar.

The subject is clear to many, does anyone have the courage to correct the path?

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By Ahmad Alsarraf