Emirates News Agency – Arabic Language Center Abu Dhabi receives nominations for ‘Kanz Al Jeel Prize’ from UAE and beyond

ABU DHABI, 15th June, 2022 (WAM) — The Arabic Language Center Abu Dhabi (ALC), part of the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi), continues to receive submissions from local and international organizations for the first edition of the recently launched ”Kanz Al Jeel Prize”.

Still others are expected in the coming weeks, with the call for applications open until July 30, 2022.

The prize, recently launched by the ALC, celebrates the rich history and heritage of nabati poetry, a form of vernacular poetry originating from the many varieties of Arabic in the Arabian Peninsula, which contrasts poetry written according to the classical rules of literary Arabic.

The award honors Nabati poetic works, as well as folk studies and research studies on the subject. It aims to preserve the traditional heritage of Nabati poetry for the next generation.

The six categories of the award include ‘Poetic Matching’, which seeks to match the poetry of the nation’s late founder, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, in particular his poem ‘Ya’al Nou Banat Mazoona’; ‘Studies and Research’ which reviews and assesses academic and scholarly research on Nabati poetry; and “Arts”, this year open to artistic works of Arabic calligraphy that embody the poetry of Sheikh Zayed.

The “Translation” category considers works translating Sheikh Zayed’s poetry into one or more languages ​​or works that have rendered great service in translating Arabic poetry into other languages, while “Poetic Publications” is open to nabati poetry books that demonstrate originality in form and content. , and constitute a qualitative addition to the nabati poetic canon. Finally, the “Creative Personality” award is given to a personality who has produced outstanding creative works in Nabati poetry, studies, music, singing or painting.

Issa Saif Al Mazrouei, Chairman of the Prize’s Senior Committee, Vice Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Culture, Heritage and Festivals Management Committee, noted that the wide diversity of nominations received for the Prize, both at the inside and outside the UAE, confirms the close connection between the peoples of the region and the Arab Nabati poetic heritage.

“Poetry reflects the core elements and values ​​of a society, telling both its history and its future aspirations. The canon of nabati poetry, in particular, has some of the most fascinating artistic and poetic creations of all time. and uniquely expresses the collective identity of Arabia. It is essential that we preserve this art form for future generations. To this end, the Kanz Al Jeel Prize will contribute to creating a new critical poetic movement, using the art of our country’s founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. , as a source of inspiration and as a starting point for establishing broader creative horizons in the field of poetry. The prize will connect new generations to their culture and their authentic heritage, of which Nabati poetry is one of the most important pillars,” said Al Mazrouei.

So far, the “Poetic Correspondence” and “Study and Research” categories of the award have received the highest percentages of entrants, recording 54% and 27% of all submissions, respectively. The “Arts” category received 7% of entries, while the “Translation”, “Poetry Publications” and “Creative Personality” categories each received 4%.

The higher prize committee has set specific conditions for participation. Nominated works must demonstrate a high level of originality and innovation and represent a significant addition to the cultural canon. Each candidate can submit only one entry for one of the categories. A nominated work cannot be submitted for another category in person or by proxy in the same year.

Nominated works must be written in Arabic, with the exception of the “Translation” and “Studies and Research” categories, which consider poems translated from Arabic into other languages.

Conditions include that the submitted work must contain an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) to secure ownership and that the poetic, scholarly, or translated works must be published, provided no more than five years since its publication. An exception is made in the “Translation” category, which accepts submission of unpublished works.

Nominations for the “Creative Personality” category are only open to academic, research and cultural institutions that have actively contributed to enriching local and Arab poetic, critical or artistic movements.

The total cash prize value of the six prize categories is AED 1.5 million, and the winners will be announced in November 2022.