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His rhythmic, silky notes and remarkable singing prowess fascinated anyone who heard him sing. This young man from Kozhikode, Nadir Abdul Salam, settled with his parents in Qatar, is striving to take new steps in music. His flair for the Arabic language is supported by a deep, rising voice that easily reaches the highest and lowest octaves. The eloquent song had won the 16-year-old many accolades and accolades, but his recent achievement is certainly worth mentioning. After hearing about Nadir’s singing, famous British singer Sami Yusuf’s music production company Andante Records signed a contract with the prodigy last month.

Today Nadir has more to celebrate, as Andante Records will be releasing the 16-year-old singing sensation’s debut album shortly. Nadir’s moving song is characterized by his interpretation of Arabic songs with impeccable dialects such as Khaliji, Lebanese, Egyptian and Algerian. The forthcoming album would include 19 songs merging Eastern and Western styles.

He mixed songs in Arabic, English, Hindi and even Malayalam.

“The registration is expected to be completed shortly in Dubai,” said Nadir, who is recently in the state with his family on vacation. “This is the sixth album from Andante Records and I’m happy to have had the opportunity to sing with such a famous band,” he says. It was during Sami Yusuf’s 2012 concert in Doha that Nadir was spotted by Andante Records. “At that time, we came across an ad in a newspaper where the company was looking for talent capable of singing Arabic compositions. Nadir also participated in the audition and eventually five of them, including Nadir, and other singers from Lebanon, Egypt and Qatar were selected to sing for the show. After the program, we learned that Sami Yusuf really liked Nadir’s singing. We thought the episode ended there with all that praise and hugging. But within a month, we received a letter from Andante Records, in which they inquired about our interest in signing a contract with the company. And that’s how last month in Dubai, Sami Yusuf’s representatives spoke to us and we accepted, ”says his father Salam.

Today, the company rents Nadir’s music programs for $ 10,000. With his octave notes, Nadir first found himself in the public spotlight at the age of three.

“He learned his first Arabic song at the age of four when Nadir appeared on a children’s music show hosted by Qatar Television. He received the award for best singer in this show. From there, there was no turning back. Until the age of 13, he received no formal training in music. It was just his talent that made him move forward, ”says Salam.

A turning point in his career came when Nadir had the opportunity to sing the national song of Qatar at the opening ceremony of the Asian Games in Doha in 2006. “I was the only boy from another nation. in this group, the others were all Arabs. , recalls Nadir. Following the high level program, Nadir got the opportunity to perform on more than 800 stages with different musical troupes in different languages ​​in the GCC countries. And how much homework do you do to make Arabic so fluent?

“I am very particular in learning the words and pronunciations of foreign languages, especially Arabic. It is important for the singer to understand the emotions in the lyrics. Only then can it be beautifully transmitted, ”says Nadir. The Plus One student, a student at MES Indian School in Doha, has more dreams because he says, “Music will not be a barrier to my studies at all. I’m interested in both college clubbing and values-based singing, ”he says.


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