Five Challenges to the Arabic Language Addressed at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina International Book Fair

Abu Dhabi, UAE – The Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center (ALC), His Excellency Dr. Ali bin Tamim, participated in a special panel discussion at the 17th edition of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair this week. the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt, where he discussed global challenges facing the Arabic language.

The ALC, part of the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi), is participating in the event, which runs until July 28 at the Historic Library, in conjunction with the General Organization of the Egyptian Book and the Egyptian and Arab Publishers Association. The book fair is presented this year under a “Awareness and construction of the human” theme and includes 75 cultural events, bringing together more than 300 speakers and speakers

In a special session devoted to “Problems and Challenges of the Arabic Languagealongside the Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Manuscripts Center, Dr. Medhat Issa, and moderated by Egyptian poet and journalist Mahmoud Sharaf, Dr. language among its natives”.

The second challenge presented by Dr. bin Tamim is that of “teaching Arabic through its different stages”, because the language must be the link between the present and the past. Moreover, it is the link between the peoples of all nations who speak Arabic, because it is a language of science, knowledge, culture and civilization.

The third challenge concerns “the chaos of translation and terminology”. Dr. bin Tamim pointed out that the importation of Western terms into the Arabic lexicon has created a crisis, with inaccuracies in many translated terms for various fields of knowledge.

In the “Digital Challenge”, Dr. bin Tamim pointed out that there are many barriers preventing a strong Arab digital presence, including low levels of computer literacy in Arab societies, weak internet infrastructure and lack of efforts of universities and digitization centers. research, studies, manuscripts and publications.

The fifth challenge is the “creative challenge”. Dr. bin Tamim said that high creativity, especially artistic, contributes greatly to the Arabic language. Creativity and the encouragement of literary and artistic production are of great benefit to the language, he added.

During the session, Dr. bin Tamim presented the most important programs, projects and partnerships managed by ALC in its work of supporting and promoting the Arabic language in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates and around the world. .


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