Forum discusses Arabic language and literature in Ukrainian universities

The Qatari Forum for Authors highlighted a book of classical Arabic literature in Russian language, which is the curriculum for learners of Arabic language literature in Ukrainian universities by author Dr. Abdul Rahman Mahmoud Al Mahmoud in a new weekly “Writer and Book” sessions moderated by media scholar and writer Saleh Gharib, director of programs at the Qatari Forum for Authors.
The guest, who is a writer, traveler and lecturer in Ukrainian universities, spoke about the contents of the book on the history of Arabic literature, its major symbols and its translation into Russian, in addition to adopting it as a reference in this domain. in Ukrainian universities, as well as other books such as a school dictionary approved by the Ministry of Education as it is the first of its kind that
In another context, the Qatari Forum for Authors has launched a new initiative entitled “My First Book” presented by writer Dhafer Aiden Darkoshi.
The initiative aims to introduce Qatari writers and residents in Qatar, and to shed light on the conditions, stimuli and motives for the publication of the first work, and to discuss the content of the book and the message behind its publication, in more of the challenges or difficulties encountered by the writer, the decisions he made and the approach he pursued after this book.
The first episode welcomed the young writer Zahra Al Youssef, who talked about her first work, the novel “Incomplete Letters” which is obviously a socio-emotional novel published by Dar Al Sharq in 2016.