Qatar National Library to host “Marasi Ensemble” for traditional Arab music concert


The Qatar National Library (QNL), a member of the Qatar Foundation (QF), will host a concert by the Marasi Ensemble in the library auditorium on December 13 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Open to the public at no charge, the hour-long show will feature several traditional Qatari songs.

The Marasi Ensemble was established by Qatar Music Academy (QMA), also a member of QF, in 2011 to focus on authentic interpretations of traditional maqam music, a style used in traditional Arabic music. His composition and improvisation techniques are unique to non-Western musical cultures.

As part of QNL’s National Day celebrations, the concert will demonstrate its dedication to preserving and promoting the culture and heritage of Qatar and the Persian Gulf region. QNL has hosted several cultural events since opening last month, including an Arabic Creative Writing Workshop and Arabic Language Day celebrations.

“We are delighted to welcome the Marasi Ensemble to QNL to share their unique musical style which is such an important part of Qatari culture. This concert is a great opportunity for locals and expats to experience a key piece of Arab heritage, which highlights the richness of our history, ”said Dr Nouf Khashman, Outreach and Community Engagement Manager, QNL.

The ensemble is made up of faculty members from the Arab Music Department of QMA and plays traditional instruments such as oud, nay, qanun, violin (kaman) and a variety of Middle Eastern instruments. East. They will play 10 songs, including the national anthem of Qatar.

“The participation of the Qatar Academy of Music in QNL’s National Day celebrations is an integral part of our solidarity with Qatar as a unified collective. It is also one of the many facets of QMA’s journey towards upholding Qatar’s musical heritage and musical awareness in the country, as well as the pursuit of the Qatar Foundation’s mission to promote a progressive and diverse cultural landscape. The Marasi Ensemble is delighted to give the audience a glimpse of Qatar’s rich musical history, ”said Dr Abdul Ghafour Al Heeti, Director of QMA.

Visitors inspired by the concert can enjoy the musical instruments and recording studio of QNL, one of the “innovation stations” designed to foster creativity in the community, especially among young people.

Additionally, for those wishing to learn more about the history of Qatar and the region, QNL’s Heritage Library includes rare and valuable texts and manuscripts related to Arab and Islamic civilization. It contains a wide range of books, manuscripts, maps, globes, historical photographs, series and archival collections in Arabic and foreign languages, as well as writings from travelers who have explored the Persian Gulf in over the centuries.

QNL’s vision is to be one of the world’s leading centers of learning, research and culture, a custodian of the region’s heritage, and an institution that promotes discovery and fosters social engagement.


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